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Dragon Dreaming: Its Power and PromiseEdit

Dragon Dreaming is a training methodology based upon the principles of personal and group empowerment. Drawing upon the insights and experience of Living Systems Theory, Deep Ecology, Transpersonal Psychology, group dynamics, and organizational development, and from indigenous Third and Fourth World cultures and applying them to government agencies, business enterprises, local or personal projects and not for profit community organizations, Dragon Dreaming uncovers the blockages that limit the effectiveness of groups of people who may be working together to achieve a common task. These factors which limit effectiveness produce specific symptoms which provide methods of diagnosis which may be personal, theoretical, environmental or practical, and when they are discovered, can be overcome through greater awareness, lateral creative thinking, correct implementation, and/or acquisition of appropriate skills.

Dragon Dreaming as a training methodology is now being applied throughout Australia, in the USA, in Nigeria and Ghana, in Turkey and Sri-Lanka and throughout Western Europe, at community level, within government organizations, in businesses and with training organizations and universities. Drawing upon Object Relations Theory, it demonstrates that it through the separation of the subjective from the objective worlds, and in the lack of effective reflective integration of theory with practice, we make assumptions about who we are and what the world is like that are in some way self-limiting. By confronting these limitations and working within more healthy relationships, in a larger context, bringing new degrees of commitment and satisfaction, so our intentions are translated into possibilities, that through an appropriate feedback generates new commitment to ensure our goals are reached and the work is done.

Bringing groups of people together around a shared intention is a very powerful tool. Using a participatory strategic planning method pioneered through working with Australian Aboriginal groups, a Karabirrdt Critical Path Diagram is created with aids in the setting of goals and objectives, the development of meeting procedures, the resolution of conflicts, the creation of budgets and raising funding, delegation of tasks and activities, and the celebration of achievement.

Given the failure of the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, it has shown us that with problems of climate change, peak oil, biodiversity loss, economic meltdown, and polarization of wealth between rich and poor within and between communities, we cannot depend upon governments and business organizations to solve these problems for us alone. Governments require a community mandate, and business need a market of available consumers, so mobilizing the community to work on activities of Ecologically Sustainable Community Economic Development is essential for our future. Delivering this outcome is the power and the promise of Dragon Dreaming.

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